Nassif Lawand

Managing Director, Lawand

Born in Saudi Arabia to Lebanese parents and baptised Greek Orthodox, Nassif Lawand grew in Sydney from the age of 13 when his parents migrated to Australia.

Nassif was Dux of his High School, obtained with honours a Computer Science degree with a sub-major in Economics, completed with honours an abridged MBA in Corporate Management and secured a Diploma in Export Management winning both awards on offer.

After a fast-tracked seven year career in Information Technology in one of the 4 major Australian banks, Nassif set out to execute a vision of building solid commercial ties between Australia and his region of origin.  He established Lawand Trade in 1992, which has become Australia’s exporter and marketer of by far the largest range of workable Australian brands of foods and beverages. Over 2,000 Australian products adorn A-class retail shelves across eight Middle Eastern countries.

In 2014, Nassif made the strategic decision to gradually implement Lawand’s unique business model across East Asia.  An average of over 400 Australian foods and beverages are now consistently and effectively retailed to consumers in five markets in this region with plans to be entrenched in all potential markets in East Asia by 2025.

In 1995, Nassif created Lawand, which pioneered Australian tourism in the Arabian Gulf and which remains the most significant Australian tourism stakeholder in the region.

Over the last 12 years, Nassif conceived four other Australian and non-Australian businesses.

With currently 14 permanent offices in key cities across the Middle East and East Asia, Nassif has entrenched knowledge of these markets and their dynamics.

Hear Nassif Lawand speak at the Retail Commerce Forum on 6 April at Southport Yacht Club.

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