Chris Deveney

Global CEO and a Director of Favco Queensland Pty Ltd Australia and Favco USA LLC

Favco is a family owned business, owned by the Deveney and Clarke family’s, with the Global Head office located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Chris has over 25 years’ experience in the fresh food industry including farm management, key retailer account management, global market development, category management, fresh cut fruit and international trading/marketing business operations.

Besides Chris Deveney’s family business, Chris has been involved in many industry organisations, from the Australian Citrus Industry Marketing advisory, Australian Government Export Industry Pricing Committee, Brismark chairman of the Jr executive, Brismark Tenants Executive, and more recently on the Advisory Committee for the Fight Food Waste and Fraud CRC.

Chris has been instrumental in the expansion of Favco into many Asian countries, India and the USA.

Favco has a regional office in China, where that team deals directly with the Retailers of China and Hong Kong.

Favco USA LLC has an office and a team in Wenatchee, Washington State, USA, where they market US Apples, Pears and Cherries into many countries around the globe, including India, Mexico, Canada and the USA.

Chris Deveney’s knowledge of the Asian market is invaluable as a multimillion dollar business trading overseas as well as in Australia.

Chris believes in feet on the ground, walking the stores, visiting the markets, understanding and learning about the customer, with many trips to where the Favco customer business is located.

Hear Chris speak at India’s Ascent on 13 April at Commonwealth House.

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