Cheryl Stewart

Morlife Cofounder

Morlife started with humble beginners as a home business, and now is a truly international success story. The company boosts over 200 different product lines across the functional food category with customers including, Coles, Woolworths, Costso, Aldi, IGA’s and across all Health Foods throughout Australia. But the success does not stop there, Morlife also ranged in major supermarket chains, pharmacy chains, and health foods chains in the Middle East, Hong Kong, Singapore, China and throughout Asia.

This company is an award-winning company with numerous business and product innovation awards as part of their resume.

Cheryl Stewart is a wealth of knowledge from product development, sales, marketing, supply chain and business systems. Cheryl’s main role has been spearheading the growth of the international sales and is responsible for the major supermarket business, and contract customers. Export is Cheryl’s passion and she is knowledgeable  in strategically growing business in other markets.

Hear Cheryl speak at the Retail Commerce Forum event at Southport Yacht Club on 6 April.

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