Meet the pitchers

Below are the 12 startup teams that will pitch their company and solution at the HYPE SPIN Accelerator: Global Pitch Event:

– Brisbane, Australia

Wearing a helmet on the slopes can save your life. So why aren’t more people wearing helmets? They are uncomfortable and uncool. ANTI. is revolutionising snow sport safety with the most comfortable snow sports helmet ever, the safest beanie you’ve ever worn; the world’s first truly soft, snow helmet.

 – Brisbane, Australia

Lightweave, in collaboration with the Brisbane Broncos, are building a Virtual Reality system designed for coaches to input specific play scenarios to improve player’s decision making and skill acquisition without the physiological loads of on-field training. We plan to further develop our current proprietary technology VR consumer football passing game to include decision making components, delivering high quality analytical data to measure and improve on-field decision making performance.

 – Brisbane, Australia

Wylas Timing is a fully automated wireless timing system on the forefront of timing innovation. Equipped for rapid assembly and usability, Wylas Timing is a fast, efficient and affordable technology. Wylas Timing integrates with all meet management software fusing prestige accuracy and seamless integration eliminating transcription errors and increasing the speed of your meets.

 – Gold Coast, Australia

Jetson Industries combines the latest in IoT technology and online gaming with traditional sports to deliver a whole new experience to the world’s favourite past times. Our flagship innovation features the latest in movement sensor and wireless data technology. It offers multiple sports the opportunity to record information such as ball speed, position, spin and numerous other features.

 – Sunshine Coast and Sydney, Australia

BioConnected is an Australian sports tech start up dedicated to ensuring that technology is part of the health and wellness solution, not the problem. We are specialists in integrated health and fitness biofeedback technology using validated earphone biometric optical sensors. First up, we are launching the world’s first biosensing earphones that measure both heart rate and heart rate variability and alongside our app, we can monitor every fitness metric.

 – Sydney, Australia

FanTribe is the modern sports fan loyalty platform that helps clubs to effectively deliver relationship marketing strategies that drive profitable growth. A fan engagement platform that is set to transform the business of sport.

 – Sydney, Australia

JARO Sports is the online ecosystem for sporting organisations. It dramatically simplifies the administration, coaching and marketing processes – giving a new level of visibility and control.

Coach Assist – Adelaide, Australia

Coach Assist holds the largest collection of training drills for AFL and Netball coaches on the planet. The platform provides coaching strategies, tactics, and drills for AFL and Netball coaches and players of all ages and levels. Coaches can connect with other coaches and their players to demonstrate drills and write effective training plans.

– Adelaide, Australia

PROHAB are makers of sports devices that give highly accurate measurements to understand and optimise rehabilitation. A smart sensor measures strength in real-time for athletes rehabilitation using a smartphone.

– Sydney, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand

Arival has created a revolutionary augmented reality fan engagement interface that delivers gamified player and team stats during live play, bringing the fan into the game. Simply by pointing their phone at the court or TV, live team and player stats are presented via an Augmented Reality interface.

 – Guangzhou, China

Eggplant Technologies, a leading hardware and software company, is dedicated to developing products and community experiences that help people stay connected and get motivated to keep fit and healthy. They are the markers of ‘Move It’ – the world’s first all-in-one connected personal gym that can track your real-time workout progress on your smartphone.

– New Delhi, India

Finding people who want to play the same sport, at the same time, in the same area is hard and that’s the reason why most of people end up not playing sport at all. Sportido is a sports discovery app that helps people play more sport by helping you find people and places to play 700+ sports around you.

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Thank you to all VIPs, presenters, delegates and guests for participating in the Games Time Trade & Investment Program in April 2018.

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